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Motorcycle Helmet purchase tips
Motorcycle Helmet is used to protect the occupant's head of motorcycle supplies, from the shell, a buffer layer, comfortable liner, wearing equipment, goggles and other components. Motorcycle Helmet according to the structure and scope of performance and protection can be divided into: full-face helmet, half helmet two kinds. By head circumference size can be divided into: small helmet, medium and large helmet helmet three; according to different housing production materials can be divided into: fiberglass helmets, helmets, and other special plastic.
Currently on the market there are summer helmet, helmets and other children called, but were not mentioned in the standard GB811-1998. In other words, if a Motorcycle Helmet their manufacture, sale, purchase and use, it must meet the requirements of the standard.
Motorcycle Helmet pick precautions when:
(1) There certificate purchase, trademark, name and address, date of manufacture, size, type, standard code, production license number, product name, logo complete, neat printing, a clear pattern, neat appearance, high credibility of brand-name products .
(2) can be weighed against the helmet. GB811-1998 provides: full-face helmet mass not greater than 1.60kg; quality is not more than half helmet 1.30kg. Meet the standards under the circumstances, the general weight of some good quality helmet. (Under normal circumstances, plastic helmets lighter than fiberglass helmet)
(3) See lacing connector length. Standards which must not exceed the inner housing, the outer surface of 3mm. As they were able to achieve using rivet general, technology or performance; as it is connected using screws generally difficult to achieve, it is best not to use.
(4) Check the strength of the device to wear. According to the instruction on the proper tie lace, buckle clasp, pull a pull, there should not lace slip, tear, tear, and snap off loose connections, broken phenomenon.
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