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Motorcycle common sense

(1) difficulty starting the engine
Starting difficulties usually occurs mainly can not start in the morning can not start, can not start after stopping, you can not start re-start and so on. The reason may be in the ignition system, fuel system and compression process. In either case, the engine start-up to have three elements, i.e., "sufficient compression pressure, strong spark ignition timing, a suitable combustible mixture." If you have these three elements, the engine will be able to start normally.
A, if an exception occurs during compression, the compression pressure will drop. In many cases, the compression pressure drop will cause stalling and start-up difficulties. In this case, by measuring the compression pressure, check valve clearance, etc., can grasp the approximate reason. The main reasons for the compression pressure drop damaged head gasket, pistons, piston rings, cylinder wear, crankcase mating surfaces seal bad, bad valve fitting, valve phase anomalies, reed valves and poor fit. The main reasons for the high compression pressure combustion chamber deposits, carbon and other top of the piston.
B, such as the fuel system malfunction and can not get the proper mixture, it becomes difficult to start the engine. No fuel or oil supply shortage of the main reasons carburetor float chamber without fuel, the needle is bonded, and the filter is clogged fuel lines, fuel tank cap is blockage. Morning cold start difficulties mainly gasoline at low temperatures, less volatile and low-temperature state due to the oil viscosity increases, the internal resistance increases and the engine rotational speed is reduced, so that the air flow velocity becomes lower fog can not be sufficiently caused gasoline technology. Stop the engine after exercise because when restarting the engine can not be started due to the high temperature inside leaving the carburetor fuel temperature caused the float chamber leads to fuel boiling mixture is too thick and not start.
C, the reasons for the ignition system can not be obtained because of a strong spark is extinguished. The main reason for this phenomenon there is not enough current, ignition timing and spark plug failure wrong. The reason there is not enough current electrical wiring faults, the main switch failure, engine stop switch failure, ignition coil failures, magneto failure, the spark plug cap failure, battery failure. The main reason for the failure of the spark plug heat value discomfort, electrode wear, ceramic partial rupture, washers depressed fracture, carbon and so on.
(2) power shortage
Complained about the lack of power in almost all performance in the "power shortage", "do not increase speed," "poor acceleration," and so on. The reason for failure of an engine (fuel system, an intake system, exhaust system, cooling system, compression, ignition systems, lubrication systems), transmission failure (clutch, wheels, transmission chain, the transmission, the shift), the brake system failure (brake calipers, disc brake pads) and so on.
The reason A, fuel systems are mostly due to the combustible mixture too lean and insufficient intake air caused. Carburetor and the oil should be checked for faults terms.
B, the main aspects of the intake system is increased intake resistance, into the gas shortage caused by power down. Should check the air filter, the reed valve.
C, exhaust resistance increases and causes the engine speed not increase, this will not be enough combustible mixture into the combustion chamber, causing insufficient power.
D, engine overheating, too cold may cause the power down. There are reasons for overheating caused by overheating of the harsh operating conditions, the cooling system caused by bad overheat, improperly adjusted or improper maintenance caused by overheating.
E, insufficient compression pressure will result in insufficient power
F, clutch slip, underinflated tires, transmission and brake skid chains stretched so may result in insufficient power.

Motorcycle use regular maintenance
Motorcycles in use, in order to ensure its always in good technical condition and each assembly (parts) have good performance, regular maintenance work must be carried out in accordance with the change of zero, wear parts and technology law states. Regular maintenance can be divided into one, two, three maintenance.

First, a maintenance

When the motorcycle with a certain mileage (typically 1000-2000 kilometers) later, should be required for filling lubricant lubricated parts, and tighten the car exposed bolts, nuts. This kind of lubrication, tightening as the center is called a maintenance operation and maintenance. Content level maintenance except routine maintenance of the project, the following items should be added:

Motorcycle drive chain, the chain should be removed for cleaning; belt drive motorcycle, should be cleaned to remove the pulley.

Cleaning the carburetor, air filter, fuel switch.

Clear coke spark plug and check and adjust the electrode gap.

Check the full-contact connector cable car is good.

Check and adjust the clutch grip, free travel throttle grip, brake handle or pedal, and control cable filling oil.

On the speedometer and tachometer flexible shaft with grease lubrication.

Change the oil.

Second, the two maintenance

To check and adjust the center of the maintenance operation called two maintenance. 3000-6000 General motorcycle driving should be two kilometers through maintenance. In addition to the contents of two maintenance project-level maintenance operations, should be added the following:

Clear cylinder, cylinder head, piston piston ring carbon deposition within the muffler, and.

Check the brake pads wear, clutch plates and brake shoes on the block, to be adjusted or replaced worn under the circumstances.

Check and adjust the breaker contact gap.

Before the examination, the axial and radial runout after beating the rim meets the requirements, such as beating too large, should be adjusted or replaced.

Should examine and adjust the valve clearance.

Shock absorbers adjust seat position after appropriate adjustments.

Check the engine clean, starter commutator and carbon commutator between the end pieces.

Three, three maintenance

After the motorcycle to break down each assembly inspection, remove hidden dangers for maintenance operations center called tertiary care. Three maintenance generally 6000-10000 kilometers is carried out, it is best to dealer for inspection.

Decomposition engine, remove the cylinder head, piston crown, piston rings, vents, etc. of coke, check the piston and cylinder wall, connecting rod bearings and piston pin head, the bulk of the gap between the bearing and the crank pin, check the crankshaft left , such as the right half of runout.

Decomposition clutch, check the thickness of the clutch spring free length and friction plate, if necessary, replace the spring or friction plate.

Check transmission gears for cracks, erosion, flaking and severe wear and tear ladder.

Decomposition steering column combination, cleaning steering column bearing, add a little grease, adjust the gap after refitted.

Decomposition front bumper, front shock absorber spring free length checking compliance requirements, and replace the front shock absorber oil.

Check the generator, starter wear commutator brushes and replace if necessary.

Every motorcycle after traveling 1000km, in addition to the daily routine maintenance, but also for primary care.
The specific contents are:
(1) Before checking, flexibility and reliability of the rear brake, brake adjustment to free travel, to lubricate the cable and gate hinges.
Free travel (2) examine and adjust the clutch, throttle and grip, and clean lubrication.
(3) examine and adjust the engine idle, contact breaker gap, spark plug electrode gap and working conditions, clean off the electrical contacts, adjust the gap to ensure the normal ignition, the engine is in top working condition. Four-stroke motorcycle engine, adjust valve clearance.
(4) cleaning the carburetor, air filter and fuel tank switch.
(5) Remove the chain or belt cleaning, lubricating oil injection.
(6) before the test, tightness and vibration damping elements after sex, if found loose or damping performance deterioration, should be adjusted immediately or troubleshooting.
(7) Remove the battery, clean the surface, rinse with boiling water on oxide terminal, check the electrolyte specific gravity and surface height, electrolyte supplements if necessary.
(8) Check all wire connectors loose, be tightened if necessary.
(9) Check the entire vehicle exposed parts of bolts, nuts, and tighten if loose immediately.

Every motorcycle after traveling 3000 ~ 6000km, there should be a two maintenance, the specific contents are:
(1) remove coke cylinder, cylinder head, pistons, piston rings, exhaust pipe and muffler and other parts with gasoline or kerosene to clean.
(2) cleaning the carburetor, air filter, fuel tank and switch, using compressed air to blow through various channels.
Brake pad wear (3) Check the clutch plates and brake shoes on, to be adjusted or replaced if necessary.
(4) Check the steering column and wash the front and rear shock absorbers, in accordance with regulations to add a little oil or grease, adjust the gap.
(5) Before checking rear wheel rim runout meets the requirements. If the swing large, adjustable spokes tightness. Front and rear tires are interchangeable.
(6) for the whole car pull rope filling oil, cleaning and replacement if necessary.
(7) Check the engine and the lubricating oil quality, wear the gear, if necessary, cleaned and replaced.
(8) cleaning Magneto, adjust breaker gap. Remove the starter cleaning, and bearing grease injection.
(9) Check the lighting system is normal, wipe with a cloth or silk headlight reflector and diffuser glass. (10) Remove the battery, cleaning and maintenance.
(11) securing the entire vehicle exposed bolts and nuts.

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